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All children LOVE to receive mail especially while they are in the hospital.  We work with various schools, clubs, camps, churches and youth groups to encourage special, hand-written “get-well” greetings for the pediatric patients at their local children‘s hospital.  



The “I’m A Kool Kid” Angel Tree is the perfect way to help support your local treasure chest with toy donations during the holidays and encourage participation throughout the year.  Local children in your community can actually hand-color our special “kool kid” girl and boy angels prior to placing on the tree.  Angel patterns available upon request.


 During the holidays, our volunteers dress up in child-friendly costumes and visit the pediatric units and patients at home.  Snow White, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Santa, the Easter Bunny, The Queen of Hearts, Clowns and “Cat-in-the-Hat” are just a few of the characters children love!


We’ve all heard the saying...  

A penny saved is a penny earned."


Now you can put your pennies to good use by collecting “Pennies for Pediatric Patients” and help support your local children’s hospital through the “I’m A Kool Kid” treasure chest project.  For an educational activity, children can count the pennies, budget the money they have collected for spending on treasure chest toys and learn the character values of kindness, compassion and generosity.   


Turn trash into treasure by collecting aluminum cans for kool kids!  Recycling centers will pay money for empty aluminum cans and allow you the opportunity to help buy toys for your local “I‘m A Kool Kid“ treasure chest.  Your collected cans not only help us provide treasures for our “kool kids” but also help keep our environment clean!


Start a collection of a variety of new hats for children to wear while going through chemotherapy.  Bandannas, baseball caps, toboggans or even hand-crocheted or knitted hats will certainly be appreciated by these special kool kids!


If you can tie a knot, you can help make our super easy “Kool Kid”, tie-knot, fleece blankets and scarves!  A perfect project for any group or individual wanting to lend a helping hand!  Patterns available upon request through our website.   


It’s no fun when your in the hospital during the holidays and miss out on all the school festivities and activities other children enjoy.  Happy baskets, buckets and bags can be filled at anytime during the school year and are sure to bring a smile to the faces of so many hospitalized children.   Special months; October, November, December, February, and April.  Contact us for suggested items and ideas for each month!

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